Teen Radio Host Raises Over $30K For Frontline Workers

A high school radio host has raised $30,000 for frontline workers by selling on-air requests... Ding Dong! Orlando resident Dylan Carollo, now 17, started D100 Radio when he was only 11 years old. He said that when the coronavirus pandemic first began, his focus switched to finding a way to raise money to help fund the frontline workers.

"We saw all these fundraisers going on and we saw all these frontline workers just struggling across these major hotspots around America," Carollo said. "And we said, 'There has to be a way that we can get our listeners to make it interactive, make it fun for them while benefiting these locations around the country.'"

Ultimately, they came up with a plan to sell on-air requests, charging listeners $5 to play any song they wanted to hear. It was a huge success!

"We have worked with each of the representative organizations to focus the donation so that donors could select direct funding to frontline workers, vaccine development or other COVID-19 needs," he added.
"To be honest, it's been shocking. We really did not think it was going to become as big as it has and we're so appreciative of everyone's support because these frontline workers around the country really need our help," Carollo said.

Click here to learn more about D100 Radio, and read the full story on CBS News.

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