Big Bear Lake Says It Will No Longer Enforce State's Heath Restrictions

The city of Big Bear Lake says it will cease enforcing the state's stay-at-home orders on businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic, officials said Thursday.

In an update on the city's website, officials say businesses in Big Bear Lake will be allowed to reopen at their own risk and understand that state officials may enforce the health restrictions.

"The City Council continues to have serious concerns about the Governor's approach, and is deeply concerned for the future of Big Bear Lake," city officials wrote Thursday. "The City has no legal responsibility to enforce the Governor's restrictions, and is hereby referring all Big Bear Lake businesses to the Governor's Resilience Roadmap."

"Future inquiries, complaints, and concerns regarding the Governor's orders should be directed to the Governor's office and/or the California Department of Public Health, as the City intends to no longer be involved in the communication or enforcement of the Governor's orders."

"Businesses and residents should take responsibility for their own actions, should thoughtfully consider the Governor's orders and the risks associated with their specific circumstances (including health, legal, financial, and licensing), and act accordingly."

The city said it had requested permission from the Governor's office to implement its own reopening plan, but that it had so far, not received a response.

While San Bernardino County, where Big Bear Lake is located has seen 3,795 cases and 158 deaths of the coronavirus, Big Bear itself has only confirmed 9 cases across the valley.

Photo: Getty Images

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