Gyms Will Be One Of The Toughest Places To Reopen

As a lot of the country starts relaxing stay-at-home restrictions, some people want to get back to exercising in their gym.

Experts think gyms will have the most problems when locations begin to open the door.

Think about it. Gyms are crowded. People are sweating, and most likely no one cleans down their equipment after using it.

With the fear of the coronavirus spreading, in California the reopening of gyms are in Phase 3 of the state's opening plan.

People are upset and desperate for their doors to open again, but some experts think they should wait a little longer.

One infectious disease expert says, "If we’re going to make a list of high-risk activities, the gym would be on the upper end of that spectrum. We’ve got lots of people in an enclosed indoor space with high-contact surfaces and they’re also exercising as well, perhaps expelling more breath into the air.”

“It’s just not a safe environment when we’re dealing with a respiratory infection that can be easily transmitted from person to person. The threshold to open gyms again is going to be high, and we’re going to need to see a lot of safeguards in place,” he added.

An epidemiologist at Canada's McGill University suggests that gyms should limit the number of people inside the space, take temperatures when people enter, wipe down equipment frequently, and hold group classes outside. 

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