El Segundo Times Wrote An Article On Sunbathers Breaking COVID-19 Rules...

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We really can't stand the El Segundo Times (LA Times) 99.9% of the time.

Their version of what they call journalism is so ridiculous to us. This time they really took it too far.

Columnist Robin Abcarian has written another nonsense article. This time about YOU.

She is criticizing sunbathers on the beach. Yes, you read that right.

Last weekend, Los Angeles County finally opened their beaches for recreational use. This means people are allowed to walk, work out, or swim. Just can't stay in one spot and hang out because it breaks coronavirus rules.

Let's take a breather for a moment and think about that. How is someone laying out on the sand breaking COVID-19 rules. If people wanted to stay in line with their social distancing, this could be easily done.

But whatever this is a stupid rule Los Angeles County has put in. Of course people aren't listening. Why would they? They've been locked up inside for months and want to be outside.

So this is where, Abcarian comes in. Her latest article is asking why the police aren't ticketing sunbathers for violating coronavirus rules.

Here's a part of her column:

"I strapped on my cotton mask, got on my bike, and rode over to the mostly empty Venice Pier parking lot to see how things were going. At the south end of the lot, three mounted Los Angeles police officers sat on their horses, looking toward the Palos Verdes Peninsula, at dozens and dozens of Angelenos lolling on the sand, picnicking and sunbathing, in clear violation of the mayor’s latest order, which bans passive beach recreation.

I rode up next to the officers and asked whether they’d given any citations. The officer closest to me gave me a look that made me think I’d asked a very silly question.

“No,” he said, “that would be unconstitutional. Like forcing people to wear masks.” "

Thank god for police officers like the one she encountered. We cannot believe this.

Shape up, El Segundo Times.

If your heart desires, read the article for yourself here.

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