Six Flags Will Require Park Goers To Make Reservations Post-Pandemic

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When Six Flags re-opens its amusement parks, you will need a reservation to go. 

A new reservation system was announced on Wednesday.

The online reservation system will be to limit capacity and promote social distancing. Visitors will reserve a day as well as a time to arrive at the park so entryways will not be crowded.

“People used to be able to just buy a ticket and show up. Now it’s going to require a little more advanced planning and effort,” says Mark Kupferman, Six Flags' vice president of insights and interactive marketing. “It’s not optimal, but it is absolutely going to be worth it for the guest. It’s about helping people feel good when they come to the parks so they can enjoy their day and not spend it worrying.”

Park goers will also need to prepay for their parking using the new reservation system. This will allow Six Flags to eliminate on-site transactions from the ticket booths and parking lots reducing more unnecessary up-close interactions between employees and visitors.

The details are still being worked out but it will likely include the addition of hand-sanitizing stations and the elimination of shows that would have large amounts of people gather together.

“The coronavirus pandemic has caused us to push a lot of technologies we’ve already been working on to the forefront,” Kupferman says. “Over the next few months, we’ll be rolling out several programs. They will result in a better experience for everyone – both now and after the crisis has abated.”

The reservation system will work off three different levels of guests. The highest priority will be given to its upper-level Diamond and Diamond Elite members. These guests will have to pay monthly fees in order to be in this mix.

Guests in the lower category levels and season pass holders will be able to get the next batch. Then single-day visitors will get the rest.

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