Hundreds of Goats in San Jose Escape and Roam the Empty Streets

We're not kidding around - about 200 goats managed to escape their pen in an east San Jose neighborhood Tuesday evening where they roamed the streets for a few minutes 'wreaking havoc' before they were rounded back up.

The bizarre scene was captured by Zach Roelands, who posted video of the grand escape to Twitter.

“When I got back from the store all the goats had broken through the fence and were (wreaking) havoc on our street,” Roelands said in aTwitter post being herded back to their pen. “This is the craziest thing to happen all quarantine.”

Roelands says the goats left behind a lot of eaten plants and a trail of droppings.

Roelands' father, Terry Roelands, told NBC Bay Area that he began bringing the goats in a few times every year to clear the brush behind his home after the hill behind his home caught on fire about 15 years ago.

Roelands' says he thinks the tribe of goats managed to escape after one of the goats somehow tapped one of the electric fences that was keeping them in, causing it and other animals to break through the boards on the fence.

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