LA County Inmates Purposely Try To Infect Themselves With COVID-19

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Gov. Gavin Newsom started this. He started releasing inmates from jail before their sentence was up and now he's created a mess within the jail systems.

Inmates in the L.A. County jails are purposely trying to infect themselves with COVID-19.

The LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said they were able to gather video and evidence inside facilities that prove this claim.

In a recent video it shows inmates drinking from the same container that was already contaminated with an inmate infected with the coronavirus. They then hid the evidence as part of their scheme to get released from their jail.

“It is dismaying to realize anyone would intentionally infect themselves,” Villanueva told the Los Angeles Times.

FOX 11 reporter Bill Melugin was able to get video of the moment.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, 357 inmates have tested positive for COVID-19. That number has since tripled since April 30 when an additional 150 were found to have the virus.

Villanueva has significantly in response to the pandemic. As of Friday, the jails, which typically house 17,000 people, held 11,723 inmates, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

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