Newsom Says Reopening Yuba And Sutter Counties A ‘Big mistake'

Photo: Getty Images

Governor Gavin Newsom is coming for two Northern California counties because they have been allowing businesses and restaurants to open.

He believes that Sutter and Yuba have decision to defy to his statewide stay-at-home order has put their communities for having increased risk for a new coronavirus outbreak.

Starting Monday, the counties above north of Sacramento, have allowed their businesses to reopen. The three counties officials argued that they were less affected by the COVID-19 pandemic than other populated areas.

“They’re making a big mistake. They’re putting their public at risk. They’re putting our progress at risk,” Newsom said during a COVID-19 briefing in Sacramento on Tuesday. “These are real exceptions. The overwhelming majority of Californians are playing by the rules doing the right thing.”

Newsom has not come forward to say if he will start enforcing his state-at-home order.

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