LAPD Officer Shown Repeatedly Punching Suspect in Bystander Video

Cellphone video caught an LAPD officer repeatedly beating a trespassing suspect in Boyle Heights.

The man is shown not resisting and with his hands behind his back as two officers stand on either side of him.

It looks like there are some words being exchanged between the man and the officers, but at one point one of the officers begins punching him in the head and body.

The suspect doesn't look like he is fighting back, but instead looks like he's trying to shield himself and step away.

The other officer calls in for assistance and when they arrive on scene, a bystander in a nearby building is heard trying to defend the man.

The officer involved in the incident can be heard yelling back and saying the suspect attacked him.

The LAPD says they are looking into the altercation after receiving cell phone video of the incident and reviewing the officer's body camera.

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