San Clemente and Laguna Beach to Reopen Under New Restrictions

Two cities in Southern California have been given the go-ahead to reopen their beaches with restrictions such as "active use only" after they requested reopen approval from the Governor's office.

According to a letter sent to the cities from the Governor's Office of emergency services, the plans submitted by San Clemente and Laguna Beach were "consistent with the Governor's March 19, 2020 Executive Order EO-N-33. Therefore, beaches operated by the City of San Clemente are permitted to reopen under this beach management plan."

"Vigilance will be necessary to support successful implementation and prevent unsafe conditions," the letter adds.

During his Monday afternoon update, Gov. Gavin Newsom said that he'll be issuing guidelines on Thursday aimed at allowing some "lower-risk'' retail businesses begin reopening by Friday. He also stated that he'll issuing guidelines later this week that could even allow some restaurants reopen in some areas of the state - provided they meet protective standards that have been approved by local and state health officials.

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