Let's Reopen Society With Logic And Science

New York Lab Prepares To Test Serum From Recovered COVID-19 Patients For Possible Therapy

Photo: Getty Images

Based off information, we believe the United States can be opened if we use medical science and logic.

Here's how they can do it.


Focus on protecting our vulnerable Americans - nursing home patients, seniors, and those living under controlled access.


If anyone has mild symptoms, they should strictly self-isolate for two weeks. Don't test them. Assume they have the infection.


Open all K-12 schools. Children have nearly no risk of serious illness from COVID-19


Open all businesses, just require that there are new hygiene, disinfection and sanitization regulations


Public transportation needs to resume.


Open parks and beaches


Give priority testing to three essential groups. Nursing home workers, health care workers and first responders, and patients in hospitals with respiratory symptoms or fever

For more information, please read here.

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