6-Year-Old Sets up 'Joke Stand' to Dispense Humor to Stressed Neighbors

If theres any truth to the adage, "Laughter is the best medicine," then a 6-year-old Canadian boy has come up with a sure-fire treatment for COVID-19.

Saanich, B.C. resident Callaghan McLaughlin, who says he normally operates a lemonade stand this time of year, has transformed his storefront into a "daily joke stand."

Every morning, McLaughlin sits at the end of his driveway for 45 minutes, dispensing free humor to everyone who passes by. "There's a lot of stress in the world," he says. "And I kind of want to get some smiles on people's faces."

“I had to think of something that was going to be contactless and cashless, but also had the same sort of community spirit and social aspect that a lemonade stand has,” Kelsea McLaughlin, Callaghan’s mom, told CNN.

Although McLaughlin initially culled most of his jokes from a single humor book, he's since expanded his inventory to keep his business afloat for quite some time, his mom says. "He usually has a pretty high success rate of a joke returned," Kelsea McLaughlin says. "He has learned a whole new repertoire."

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