Police Report Social Distancing at Beaches

Orange County Beaches In Southern California Remain Open During Coronavirus Lockdown

Authorities in Huntington Beach say that as temperatures soared over the weekend and people flocked to the beaches hoping to find some relief, the vast majority of beachgoers kept their distance from one another.

“Despite what's being reported, the majority of our beach goers are complying to (sic) social distancing,” Huntington Beach police tweeted.

According to a statement from the city, as police and lifeguards patrolled the beaches over the weekend, they found "the majority of people staying in their own unit."

"If not they are educated and have complied," the statement added.

Additionally, beachgoers were reminded to keep their distance from each other in hourly messages broadcast by lifeguards from the loud speaker on the pier.

However, city officials in nearby Newport Beach have called a special meeting for 3 p.m. Tuesday to consider a temporary beach closure, due to the crowds seen over the weekend.

The agenda will also include developing a committee to guide business reopening, according to a city statement.

Photo: Getty Images

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