Group Protests Councilwoman Opposed to Aid for Undocumented Immigrants


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This past weekend, a group of protestors met outside the home of a Whittier city councilwoman to protest the lawsuit she filed that would block undocumented immigrants from coronavirus financial aid.

The demonstrators gathered Saturday night outside of Jessica Martinez's home in Whittier. The reason for the protest came after Martinez filed a lawsuit against California Gov. Gavin Newsom hoping to block the $75 million in COVID-19 related aid for undocumented immigrants who won't qualify for unemployment insurance.

The governor is offering $500 per person to more than 150,000 unemployed adults were left out of the stimulus package based off their immigration status.

"We are here to protest. We want her out of office. We don't want that type of politics in our city," said Jaime Gutierrez. "We support our undocumented immigrant working families.

Jesse Melgar, the press secretary for Newsom released a statement Saturday nights in regards to the protest.

"California is taking legally justified and morally necessary action to assist all Californians impacted by COVID-19," Melgar said. "These actions benefit public health and the economic well-being of families and communities hit hardest by this pandemic. We look forward to defending what we know to be right in court."

Councilwoman Jessica Martinez will join the John and Ken show today at 3:30.

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