Did You Know Your Brain Has an Immune System, Too?

Did you know your body is not the only part of you with an immune system? Your brain actually has one, too! It's why the vast majority of people can face one hardship or challenge after another and survive. We all have one. Dr. Wendy describes what it does for you AND how to help make it even stronger.

First, The psychological immune system can build a safety net to protect us from the impact of chronic stress and give us the strength to endure the most terrible things.

How it works:

1. We Prevent Self-Hate

2. We Maintain Positive Illusions

3. We Automatically Bounce to Positive After a Depressing Thought

HOW TO STRENGTHEN YOUR PSYCHOLOGICAL IMMUNE SYSTEM: The psychological immune system is composed of two essential elements: the resilience, which means facing adversity without falling apart and coming out stronger, and, flourishing, the idea that sustainable happiness doesn’t come from pleasure, but from having a purpose in life. Listen to her segment below to learn so much more including how to make it stronger.

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