A Kid, A Stand, A Joke

Do not fear, dear reader--I am not calling a child a joke. Jokes are what a child is handing out from his joke stand. Some kids sell lemonade or girl scout cookies, but Callaghan McLaughlin of Saanich, B.C. slings jokes every day from a table set up in his driveway. He doesn't want any money, he just wants to make people smile. He observes a strict schedule for this endeavor. Every day at 10am he sets up, and then about an hour later takes a 12 minute lunch break (his mom claims that these lunch breaks are more like 90 minutes, but who cares?).

Not everyone who passes by asks for a joke, but everyone gives Callaghan a smile and a wave. He is pretty humble about the whole thing, stating that he is not nearly as funny as his Dad.

Since you probably can't get to British Columbia right now, here is an example of one of the 16 or so jokes that Callaghan has on offer:

What's Red, White and Blue? A sad candy cane!

I think we can agree this little guy gives Handel a run for his money.

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