San Jose Man Arrested For Carjacking Immediately After Jail Release

Last Friday, a man was arrested by San Jose police after he allegedly carjacked someone, AND hit a different person in the head with a hammer. This all happened days after he was released from the Santa Clara County jail, thanks to overcrowding and "emergency court measures"...

25-Year-Old James Mitchell Correa was spotted by officers in the stolen car in South San Jose on Friday, before initiating them in a brief car chase. According to Police Chief Eddie Garcia, the SJPD Violent Crimes Enforcement Team and the METRO special-enforcement unit were able to safely arrest him near Highway 85 after the chase.

Photo: San Jose Police Department

Just last week, Correa had been charged with stealing another car, resisting arrest, AND violating his parole. But because those charges were considered nonviolent felonies or misdemeanors, he was quickly released on April 10.

“Once again, a judge has given more rights to the criminal than they’re giving to victims and residents of the city,” Police Chief Garcia said. “This judge got lucky by this individual being apprehended. Had he hurt anyone else or caused my officers harm, that would have been a difficult burden to carry.”

When asked about the incident, a spokesman from the Santa Clara County Superior Court cited that judges were prohibited to comment on pending cases. Garcia stated that the suspect's violent history should have kept him from being let out of jail in the first place.

“He was not going to go home and social distance or shelter in place,” Garcia added. “He was up to no good.”

Read the full report on Mercury News.

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