Bruno Serato & Caterina's Club Continue Serving Free Meals To Those In Need

You've probably heard us talk (brag) about Bruno Serato before...

He's the owner of the critically acclaimed Anaheim White House restaurant, and also runs a nonprofit called "Caterina's Club", which serves hot meals to local children in need. It's estimated that Bruno feeds about 5,000 kids per day, with Caterina's Club currently serving 90 different sites in 30 cities.

But when the coronavirus pandemic hit Southern California, Bruno instantly knew he had to step up and continue serving his community, the best way he knew how...

Now, two times per week, he opens up shop in Anaheim and cars line up by the hundreds. He puts on his gloves and face mask, and continues to pass out warm meals to those who need it most.

As one driver said, the free meal from means that "we can survive another day -- that we can live another day longer."

By the end of this month, Bruno, with the help of his awesome volunteers and sponsors, will have donated more than 300,000 meals! So while we may not know what the future holds, one thing is for certain...

No crisis (or pandemic) will stop Bruno from serving his community.

"If I had to have the choice, you can save the restaurant or you can save the charity, no doubt about it, I would take the charity first," Bruno said.

Read the full story on CBS News.

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