Social Distancing Has Positively Impacted Animals In Park and Marine Life

Photo: Getty Images

Today is Earth Day and it's a different one. We are all stuck inside, not able to enjoy the greatness that this world offers.

But there's an upside to this.

The animals in the parks and sea life are benefiting.

Since the humans have been home, the animals have started to been able to freely roam around National Parks and waters of body.

All over the world, this been happening with animals.

"There's less noise and less distraction, and the wildlife will expand into those areas where the visitors might in the past been in heavy numbers," Todd Suess said. "Now they're not there, so animals will expand."

According to ABC News, a lot of animal deaths due to human accidents. Staying at home is also saving their lives.

In San Francisco, residents can hear coyotes howl as they roam the empty streets.

Check out this video of a jellyfish below:

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