Protests Show That There Are Two Different America's Right Now


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As more and more of these protests emerge, it's become increasingly clear that there are two different America's right now.

Wondering what the two are?

It's simple let us breaking it down for you.

There is the America who still have jobs and are getting paid and then there is the America who have no jobs or any income.

Over 10 million people have filed for unemployment in the United States. 3.5 million of those have been in California.

These protest symbolize the anger and frustration of Americans. People are hurting. They are losing something left and right with no clear end date in sight.

We are only two weeks from another rent payment due. How long will landlords allow tenants to miss rents? Protestors are blowing through their savings simply to live and states aren't providing enough resources to help.

Our very Steve Gregory asked the LA County Board of Supervisors whether any of them were willing to take voluntary pay cuts during this crisis. He was told by the chair that his question was “irresponsible,” which is to say embarrassing and inconvenient.

Answers like this is why people are upset. This is why they are protesting.

Each day these politicians get up and talk and make fake promises with no clear end date in sight. Imagine having no job and never knowing when you can return to work again. You'd be upset too.

It shouldn't have taken us protests to realize the clear difference in America's right now

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