A Lost Wedding Ring Finds Its Way Home After 3 Years!

Finally, some great news thanks to the COVID-19 Virus!

Ryan Krivoy, a restaurant manager at Coconuts, located in Fort Lauderdale, recently decided to do some projects around the restaurant thanks to the extra time caused by quarantine and social distancing guidelines.

The restaurant overlooks the water and offers outdoor seating, with gorgeous views from their deck. As Ryan started ripping apart the deck, little did he know all the treasure that was buried underneath.

"He found a gold coin, $100 bills, piles of mud and a silver wedding ring with the inscription, Mike & Lisa 08-21-15.”

So he turned to the restaurants marketing manager and she decided to post a picture on social media of the ring. Hoping to find the rightful owners, the manager knew it would be a longshot but still wanted to pursue the digital lost and found . The post was shared over 5,000 times and then the rings owners stumbled upon the restaurants goodwill gesture.

The owners then called the restaurant and texted pictures of the ring to show it was rightfully theirs. In turn, the restaurant then shipped the ring back to the owners and thanks to the COVID-19 Virus, they were reunited with their long lost wedding ring after three years!

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