Rosetta Stone Offering Free Access For Students For Next Three Months!

If your student is one of the 800 million children worldwide whose schools have been closed amid the COVID-19 pandemic, this is the perfect time to learn a new language!

Rosetta Stone Inc. announced last month that it was offering three months of free language learning to all elementary, middle and high school students worldwide. To sign up for the free offer, parents can visit to claim a free subscription for a language of their choice. 

“Rosetta Stone is here to support parents and students in this unprecedented time of school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic -- with no strings attached and no pressure to purchase in the future. Many of us at Rosetta Stone are parents too and we understand the struggle of simultaneously homeschooling our kids while trying to work from home ourselves -- all day, every day for weeks on end," said Matt Hulett, Rosetta Stone President. 

"Language learning exposes children to new cultures and opens their minds to new experiences, and can be a welcome respite for parents looking for something new to do with their children during this time. We want every child to have the opportunity to learn a language while at home, and for parents to take comfort in a free resource that we are happy to make available to students globally,” he added.

With up to 250 hours of language learning in 24 languages, students can access their program anytime via a mobile device or the web. The language learning programs have been designed by professional linguists to help students with long-term retention and correct pronunciation - without the need for rote memorization or drills.

Features of the Rosetta Stone program include:

  • Access across devices and offline. Children can learn from a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. When an Internet connection isn’t available, lessons can be easily downloaded for offline use.
  • Dynamic Immersion® methodology that ensures learners are immersed in their new language from the start, with reading, writing, listening and speaking exercises that work with the brain's natural language processing ability to promote faster learning. Neither the parent nor the child needs to speak a word of the language when starting the program. 
  • Patented TruAccent® speech recognition technology listens, analyzes, and corrects the learner’s speech throughout the learning process, so they’ll have the confidence to speak in any situation. 
  • Fun lessons that encourage kids to use deductive reasoning so they remember more, stay engaged and make progress quickly. 
  • Adaptive recall feature that guides learners to repeat activities that need improvement.
  • Enhanced reporting and monitoring tools that help parents keep children on track with printable reports and lesson progress data.

In order to take full advantage of the program, Rosetta Stone says the student must have a a basic grasp of reading and writing skills in order to use Rosetta Stone for Students.

This article was written in partnership with our brand content partner.

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