Healthcare Workers Protested The Protesters In Denver


Photo: Getty Images

Health care workers block protesters challenging stay-at-home order in Denver.

Photojournalist Alyson McClaren caught images of two, dressed in scrubs and masks, holding up traffic as hundreds gathered at the Colorado State Capitol protesting the state's lockdown.

The photo has gone viral on social media and caused a lot of commentary on what the image represents.

McClaren toldThe New York Times that the counter-protesters stood in the middle of the road - as some vehicles pressed up against them - until police intervened. 

Marc Zenn, a Denver software engineer tweeted video of one exchange: A woman hanging out of the passenger window of a pickup, holding a sign reading "Land of the Free," can be heard yelling at one of the counter-protesters, "This is a free country! Land of the free. Go to China if you want communism. You can go to work, why can't I go to work?

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