CA Researchers Develop New Ways to Use UV Lights to Disinfect PPE

Researchers in California are looking at different ways UV light can be used to disinfect critical supplies in the fight against coronavirus.

The UV-LED project at UC Santa Barbara began with developing new ways to create more efficient lighting, but it was soon discovered how effective the light was in killing germs.

UCSB PhD student researcher Chris Zollner says the project has now shifted to creating a system to use the light to disinfect protective gear health care workers use in hospitals.

“Very short wave-length UV called UV-C is effective in killing germs...It can be used for water disinfection, air disinfection, and many other things in addition to that.”

The National Institutes of Health says that if the UV technology works, it could be used to clean other objects and surfaces as alcohol based cleaners can cause surfaces to deteriorate over time.

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