Actor John Krasinski Hosts Star-Studded Virtual Prom For Class of 2020

Photo: Getty Images

As the threat of coronavirus continues to keep Americans in their respective homes, millions of high school seniors are missing out on their senior prom. Actor John Krasinski saw this as his opportunity to step in and host his own virtual prom for these seniors on his new show, "Some Good News".

For the last few weeks, every Sunday Krasinski releases a new episode to YouTube highlighting the good things that are happening during this time.

On Friday, he hosted a live-stream for viewers to join him as he dj'ed prom for the class of 2020.

“As you can see, my life couldn’t be any better. I throw proms now,” Krasinski told special guest and The Office co-star Rainn Wilson during the live stream.

The prom also included a list of surprise celebrity guests.

The Jonas Brothers, Chance the Rapper, Billie Eilish, and more were among the list of those who joined Krasinski.

The prom also included videos of kids around the world dancing in their living rooms to the performers.

“We are all going through this together,” Krasinski said. “It’s a very weird time, but each and every one of you are missing something and this is the least I could do and I couldn’t be more proud to do it.”

Watch the full prom below!

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You can catch a new episode of "Some Good News" every Sunday on YouTube here.

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