China Revises Wuhan Death Toll... Increasing It By 50 Percent

Officials in Wuhan, China have revised the city's death toll from the coronavirus, increasing it by nearly 50 percent after an investigation. Officials raised the city's death toll by 1,290 to a total of 3,869 - blaming it all on the 'delayed reporting' by hospitals...

“Due to the insufficiency in admission and treatment capability, a few medical institutions failed to connect with the disease prevention and control system in time, while hospitals were overloaded and medics were overwhelmed with patients,” the Xinhua News Agency reported.

The outbreak is believed to have originated in Wuhan's 'wet market' live animal marketplaces. China's total reported death toll from the virus is 4,632.

“This is quite strange,” said David Hui, director of the Stanley Ho Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. “I really don’t understand how they were able to get information on so many additional people.”

According to officials, the United States alone has over 683,000 diagnosed cases and at least 34,575 deaths.

Read the full report on ABC News.

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