JanSport Donates 10,000 Backpacks to World Central Kitchen

As part of their response to the COVID-19 pandemic, JanSport has donated 10,000 backpacks to World Central Kitchen, a non-profit designing "smart solutions" to hunger and poverty.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has forced thousands of schools and colleges to close. For some students, that means access to daily nutrition and meal plans is cut off,” said Monica Rigali, Senior Director of Marketing at JanSport. “By partnering with World Central Kitchen, JanSport can help get food and necessary supplies to those in need. We’ve always been there for students and we intend to be by their side during this uncertain time.”

World Central Kitchen will use the backpacks to deliver much-needed food to students located in Oakland and Los Angeles.

Additionally, JanSport is partnering with JUV Consulting, a youth-focused think tank, to launch a new challenge on social media #UnpackThatChallenge. The hashtag is meant to inspire students who have been displaced by the coronavirus crisis and promote a hopeful message while they adjust to the new normal.

“We were happy to team up with JanSport to help them better understand what Gen Z is going through during this challenging time,” explained Ziad Ahmed, CEO and Co-Founder of JUV Consulting. “JanSport is such an iconic brand and we were excited work with them to help students cope with their new school from home situation.”

If you'd like to participate, all you need to do is take a video and post it to your social media account with the hashtag #UnpackThatChallenge.

  • Grab your backpack from the left of the frame
  • Pull out your unique school day essentials, whether that be a laptop, textbooks, or something out of the box
  • Hand your backpack off to the left
  • Include #UnpackThatChallenge in your caption
  • Pair video with Greyson Chance’s “Seasons Nineteen”

Videos are meant to encourage students to build a connection through dueling videos while also giving back to other students in need through World Central Kitchen.

"World Central Kitchen's mission is to mobilize urgently to get fresh meals to those who need them most, so we're happy to work with JanSport to carry out this critical work,"said Nate Mook, CEO of World Central Kitchen.

This article was posted in conjunction with our brand content partner.

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