Torrance Fire Dept. Is Asking For Plasma Donation To Help Infected Engineer

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A plasma donor could help save the life of a Torrance Fire Fighter fighting COVID-19.

His fire department is doing everything they can to help. In a Facebook post on the Torrance Fire Department page, they are pleading the public to please help.

“Specifically, he needs plasma donated from a fully recovered COVID patient so their antibodies may help boost his ability to fight back,” the department said in the Facebook post.

The donor must meet several criteria:

To qualify, the donor must have tested positive for COVID-19 and already been recovered with symptoms resolved at least 28 days prior to the donation or 14 days prior to donation with a second negative COVID test. The donor should be male, or a female who has never been pregnant or who has been tested since their most recent pregnancy and results interpreted as negative for HLA antibodies.

Anyone who fits the criteria may contact Dr. Marc Cohen atemsdoc911@hotmail.comor visit theAmerican Red Cross website.

If you aren't a match, will you please share this post to spread the message?

For more information, please read here.

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