Newsom Outlines Framework For Lifting of COVID-19 Orders

California Governor Gavin Newsom outlined what he wants to see before stay-at-home orders amid the coronavirus pandemic might be lifted.

“I know you want a timeline but we can't get ahead of ourselves,” Newsom said. “... Let's not make a mistake by pulling the plug too early.”

Newsom listed six goals he wants to see before any of the social distancing mandates or stay-at-home orders will be modified or lifted:

  • Expand testing and contact tracing to support people who might have contracted the virus and people who have been exposed;
  • Do more to prevent infections among higher-risk residents, such as the elderly or those with underlying health conditions;
  • Be confident that hospitals will be prepared to handle any surges in patients;
  • Develop partnerships with academics to develop therapeutics or treatments;
  • Make assurances that businesses, schools and child care facilities can safely reopen while maintaining social-distancing needs;
  • Develop a plan that can quickly re-institute some measures, such as stay-at-home orders, if needed after restrictions are softened.

Newsom said he's working with counterparts in other states on the West Coast to develop a workable framework for when restrictions on people leaving their homes might be lifted. He said that while he recognizes the economic impact on businesses that aren't allowed to open and residents unable to work, but insists it's still too early to develop a timeline on when the stay-at-home conditions might ease.

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