Could Flying Really Get More Expensive?

Thinking of traveling? Many people aren't!

The COVID-19 virus is causing havoc on the travel industry. People are not even thinking about flying. Especially when they cannot even dine out at their favorite local restaurant.

Right now, you can fly roundtrip from mainland US to Hawaii for under $200. Airfares are the cheapest they've been in years, but that could change once lockdowns are lifted.

Social distancing guidelines will most likely continue to be required on passenger jets. This mean that when international travel does return, airliners will have less seats to sell and prices could skyrocket. Some experts are predicting prices for the fall holiday travel season will double in price. This will put airfare, specifically international travel out of reach for many Americans.

In other terms, if only half of seats on a plane are allowed to be sold, airline companies may have no other choice than to raise ticket prices to stay in business. Currently, profit margins per seat are only around $10 on full flights. This means companies would have to find a way to generate more income if they can't sell as many tickets.

If you are planning to travel over the holidays, you may want to check out flights while they are still cheap. Just make sure you read the fine print for cancellations as the COVID-19 virus may still be a factor come Fall.

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