President Trump Does Not Plan On Firing Dr. Fauci

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The White House come forward Monday and said that President Donald Trump will not be firing Dr. Anthony Fauci.

This comes one day after the president retweeted a message to his millions of followers over the weekend that ended with the demand, "Time to #FireFauci."

“This media chatter is ridiculous — President Trump is not firing Dr. Fauci," White House spokesman Hogan Gidley said. "The president’s tweet clearly exposed media attempts to maliciously push a falsehood about his China decision in an attempt to rewrite history."

Gidley also continued on and repeated an incorrect timeline often used by Trump in regards to the coronavirus coverage. They put blame on the Democrats and the media for ignoring the pandemic because they were focusing on the impeachment.

NBC News says that there in fact many articles on the virus' spread at the time.

Gidley said the first time the Democrats commented on the virus was to attack the president for cutting off travel from China and Europe.

This statement came after the president appeared to show his displeasure with Fauci's comments on CNN.

"Dr. Fauci has been and remains a trusted advisor to President Trump,” he said.

During CNN's State of the Union, Fauci said that earlier steps to limit public interaction would've saved more lives.

"Obviously, if we had, right from the very beginning, shut everything down, it may have been a little bit different," Fauci said in the interview. "But there was a lot of pushback about shutting things down.”

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