New Jersey Landlord Cancels Tenants’ Rent for 3 Months

Photo: Getty Images

The coronavirus pandemic continues to show a drastic impact on people lives. It has especially hit the North East hard. But through this all, Americans continue to show their true colors.

Today a New Jersey landlord is paying it forward.

David Placek told tenants in 12 of his properties that he’d cancel rent for the next three months.

The catch is that they must “pay it forward” by supporting local businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

This had to be music to the tenants’ ears that they will not have to worry about rent for April, May, and June.

Placek, the father of three, owns multiple rental properties and told a local TV station, "By and large we've gotten a good reception from our tenants, they're happy that we were able to do this early on and really able to show them some compassion and feelings for what they might be going through," he said.

By doing this, Placek is saying goodbye to about $50,000 in rent.

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