Feel Better, Give Back

Yes, we're stressed and feeling stuck, lonely, frustrated or just down. You know what helps? Doing something about it. People feel better when they feel like they're helping in some way.

There's actually a Freudian term for this type of thing: sublimation. It's when helping people who are experiencing the same pain we're experiencing feel better, actually eases our own experience of the pain.

Best news is that there are ways to help people safely and virtually. Dr. Wendy gives you a few ideas like the "Be My Eyes" app and another one called DOROT. She explains how these are so valuable to others, plus MORE.

Have you recovered from Coronavirus? A.) YAAAYYY!!! B.) Doctors need your blood. Those antibodies in your blood could help save three more people. (see link below)

Below you'll find links with many more ideas! Take action, if only to help yourself feel better.

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