COVID-19 Myths Vs. Truth

There are lots of theories, myths and misinformation running around. A certain Governor claimed last month that coronavirus is "the great equalizer." What he meant is that the virus does not literally discriminate between rich or poor; white, black or brown skin. The idea of there being no imbalance, however, is a MYTH.

While it's true COVID-19 is an "equal opportunity" virus and will infect anyone it can, it's a myth that rich and poor are equally susceptible. Front line workers are more vulnerable because they are out in it - because they have to be. Thankfully, they're stocking shelves in grocery stores; they're driving buses; they're delivering packages. These people cannot work from the safety of their homes and they generally make less money. If they get sick, they may not have health insurance.

Celebrities and other wealthy people have been moving to the country to hide out in their second homes and horse ranches. The poor do not have such a comfy option. Oh, no, COVID-19 can infect everyone, but it is definitely not equal.

But this is just one myth. Dr. Wendy also talks truth about face masks, ibuprofen, vaccines, bleach and more.

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