Chevy Cares: LA - We're All In This Together

As the novel coronavirus spreads and continues to wreak havoc on Americans' routines, jobs and plans, one company has stepped up to help their customers who have seen their lives upended thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic through no fault of their own. Chevrolet's 'Chevy Cares' program is here to help customers in any way they can.

"We know that these are uncertain and challenging times, and your vehicle should be the least of your worries," Chevy's website states. "That’s why Chevrolet, your Chevrolet dealer and GM Financial are here and committed to helping you in any way we can – from answering your questions to servicing your vehicle and everything in-between."

As part of their Chevy Cares program, the company has extended a helping hand out to all the first responders out on the frontlines who are doing what they can to comabt the pandemic. First responders are eligible to take advantage of a new discount on any new vehicle they purchase through June 30, Chevy states.

"For our military, educators and first responders, Chevy has long supported our everyday heroes. Now more than ever, we’re grateful to the doctors, nurses and other healthcare professions bravely taking care of us during these trying times. As a small way of saying thanks, we’re extending the Chevrolet First Responder Discount†now through June 30, to those committed to helping our communities."

Current Chevy owners are encouraged to contact the company's Customer assistance hotline at 1-800-222-1020 if they need any assistance.

This article was written and posted in partnership with Chevrolet.

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