Is Social Distancing Easier In Rural America?

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As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread daily, and officials believe the worst is just to come.

New Yorkers mourn a second-straight record daily death toll, other states aren't just seeing far fewer cases - they're seeing a much lower positive test rate.

This has raised the question if social distancing is easier in rural areas.

Nearly 41% of New Yorkers tested have tested positive for COVID-19. That compares to only about 7% in Nebraska.

New York for example is a tight knit city where a lot of people are packed closer together. Somewhere like Nebraska allows residents to have a lot of space between their land.

Nebraska doesn't have a stay at home order but Dr. Anthony Fauci says the state has taken equivalent action. New York has doubled fines for violating its stay-at-home order. 

Arkansas, Iowa and North Dakota also don't have stay-at-home orders - yet, each state's positive test rate is below 10%. North Dakota is near just 3%.

The data continues to prove that, rural areas have fewer cases of COVID-19 because of their distance.

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