MTA Bus Drivers Call for System Shutdown Amid Health and Safety Concerns

While all "non-essential" businesses have been closed in California, there are still many people putting their health at risk to continue doing their jobs for the community. From grocery store workers, to doctors and nurses, these employees are still out in the public trying their best, all while trying to keep themselves safe too. (THANK YOU!!!)

But now, some bus drivers in California are saying they are too scared to continue working, and some even believe that the entire MTA bus system should be shut down.

This all comes after reports that 16 MTA employees recently tested positive for COVID-19. And there could be many more...

KCAL9 Investigative reporter David Goldstein spoke with some of the MTA bus drivers who say the system should immediately stop all services, in order to better protect employee safety, as well as the safety of their passengers.

“We’re putting our health at risk. Are we happy? No we're not,” said one bus driver.

According to Metro, they say they don't want to shut down the entire bus system due to the many first responders who rely on it for daily transportation. But some bus drivers disagree...

“We’re not picking up any nurses or lawyers or cops,” a driver said. “It’s just mostly homeless and sick people who are riding the bus at this time.”

While Metro has reduced their bus services by about 20% due to the coronavirus, they still say there are no plans to stop all of their services anytime soon.

“If you don’t have a solid plan to keep us safe, not only us but the public, then yes, definitely shut it down,” another driver said.

Read the full report on CBS Los Angeles.

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