L.A. County Officials Announce 15 Additional Coronavirus Deaths

The number of COVID-19 cases in L.A. County continued to rise with more than 420 cases confirmed, officials announced today. Another 15 deaths from the coronavirus were also reported by Dr. Barbara Ferrer, the head of the county's public health department.

The county's death toll now stands at 147.

Dr. Ferrer said that of the 15 people who died, 12 of them were 65 and older and 7 of those had some kind of underlying health condition. The currently mortality rate of COVID-19 in L.A. County has crept up, to 2.3 percent, up from 1.9 percent last week.

The county also reported 12 cases detected among the homeless, with one of those might have coming from a shelter. Another 512 cases have been confirmed so far in institutional settings, which include shelters, jails, rest homes and long-term nursing facilities.

Currently, there are 6,360 cases of COVID-19 in the county, Dr. Ferrer said. About 900 people are currently hospitalized for the coronavirus, with 6 percent of those in intensive care. About 45 percent of those are 65 and older with 54 percent having some kind of underlying health conditions.

At least 32,000 people have been tested so far in L.A. County, however, officials acknowledged that testing scarcity still exists in some places more than others.

Dr. Ferrer warned people that we can start to see an increase in the number of cases over the next few weeks and that if you currently have enough supplies to last, you should try to skip shopping this week.

The number of confirmed cases around the Southland include:

  • Los Angeles County: 6,360 cases - 147 deaths
  • Orange County: 882 cases - 14 deaths
  • Riverside County: 799 cases - 19 deaths
  • Ventura County: 221 cases - 6 deaths
  • San Bernardino County: 372 cases - 13 deaths
  • San Diego County: 1,326 cases - 19 deaths.

Statewide, there are more than 15,207 cases with at least 351 deaths reported. Health officials say there are more than 352,565 cases nationwide with the death toll reaching 10,404 by Monday afternoon.

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