Homeless Camps Are Becoming Hot Spots

Photo: Getty Images

This shouldn't come as a shock.

But the illegal homeless counts centered around Los Angeles County are an enormous hot spots for contracting the coronavirus.

Public health officials have ordered ten million residents to shelter in place as the numbers continue to rise daily, but the unhoused are still on the streets.

Homeless people socialize in close quarters. They gather around each other in small and large groups, sharing cigarettes, food, drink, and drugs.

Virtually none wear facial protection in accordance with the most recent orders.

They live on the dirty streets and will eat food from anywhere. It's a no wonder, the coronavirus is spreading.

Los Angeles officials came forward and said that one homeless person has tested positive for the virus and they isolated them from others. But who knows how far the spread before the vagrant was tested.

With testing on the low in California, testing the homeless isn't a top priority for the state.

Los Angeles has tried to turn recreation centers into available beds for the homeless, but the amount available don't match the high numbers of homeless living on the streets.

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