East Los Angeles Hospital Finds Family Of Dementia Patient

LOS ANGELES (CNS) A hospital in East Los Angeles announced today that it has made contact with the family of a dementia patient who could not remember her name or any information about her family, and they will soon be reunited.

Los Angeles Fire Department personnel found the woman asking for help on March 15 about 3 p.m. in the 4400 block of Sheila Street, near the Long Beach (710) Freeway in Commerce, according to Jason Carney, chief nursing officer for East Los Angeles Doctors Hospital.

The woman, who is from Montebello, was unable to give information about herself or her family when questioned about her identity.

The hospital was eager to reunite her with her family and see her “transferred to a safe environment, especially in light of growing concerns with COVID-19 patient surge,” Carney said.

A plea for public help was put out Thursday, and after many tips, the hospital made contact with the woman's son and some nieces late Friday evening and early Saturday morning, Carney said.

The hospital is working on “a safe discharge plan that's best for her and her family,” according to Carney.

The woman's name was not immediately available.

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