Surf City Distillery In OC Is Focused On Making Hand Sanitizers

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, there is no word on when bars or distilleries will be allowed to open their doors to guests again.

Surf City Still Works in Huntington Beach decided use this time as an opportunity for Surf City Distillery to VOLUNTARILY convert in WARTIME from making vodka to making hand sanitizer.

Yes, you heard that right!

Josh & Elena Kornoff, the owners of Surf City, decided to use their special knowledge and equipment to make hand sanitizer to assist others during this difficult time.

They are looking to provide their hand sanitizer to first responders, people volunteering around the hospital, and the homeless.

Once word got out what Surf City was doing, the requests started to circle in.

“All of a sudden we started getting calls from hospitals in Orange County, the LA Times reached out, a bunch of private citizens reached out and now we’re working with the Huntington Beach Fire Department,” said Kornoff “We make alcohol and that’s a major component.”

The hand sanitizer that they are making is effective. Josh Kornoff said that the federal government has relaxed licensing standards because of the crisis. However the ones they are making sanitizers meet the World Health Organization’s standards.

“It’s our goal to get back to making spirits,” Kornoff said. “That’s our passion but until restaurants and bars reopen, we’ll have to focus on hand sanitizer to keep everyone working.”

Chris Van Deusen, Principal at Surf City Distillery, spoke with Tim Conway Jr. about their efforts. Listen below:

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What a deal, thank you Surf City!

Once this over and things are safe make sure you visit Surf City Still Works at 7242 Heil Ave. Huntington Beach, CA 92647.

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