NBA Pushes for 50 Percent Pay Cut Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Dallas Mavericks v San Antonio Spurs, Game 5

Photo: Getty Images

Citing a loss of "millions of dollars" every day that games aren't played, NBA officials have reportedly proposed cutting players' salaries by 50 percent until the season gets underway.

While the Players Union has indicated it's athletes are willing to take a hit during the coronavirus pandemic, officials say a 50 percent cut -- which would begin on April 15th -- is too much. They've countered by proposing a 25 percent cut that would begin in mid-May, according toThe Athletic.

With three weeks of games already down the tubes, several teams are already feeling the financial impact of the pandemic. Earlier on Friday, the Utah Jazz announced layoffs of several non-players, while other employees took cuts in their salaries so they can keep their jobs.

It may take years before the full financial impact of this crisis on the NBA could be properly measured. One day the two sides will need to find a common ground to see how they can fairly recover form this difficult time.

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