OJ Simpson is Convinced Carole Baskin Killed Her Husband

The world has been held captive by an influx of coronavirus news and because of that, we've had to find something to distract ourselves.

We could have developed some new hobbies, maybe learned a new language...but instead we've shifted our attention to Netflix.

Particularly, the true-crime documentary series Tiger King and the incredibly weird cast of people it involves.

It's centered around big cat zoo owner Joe Exotic and his imprisonment over a murder for hire plot against his nemesis Carole Baskin...who at one point in the series is accused of killing her second husband and feeding his body to her rescued tigers.

Great TV.

Millions of people have watched it and love it....and apparently one of them is OJ Simpson.

You know....the guy famous for being a football player.....an actor....and oh yeah, WAS FOUND NOT GUILTY OF MURDERING HIS WIFE AND HER FRIEND IN ONE OF THE BIGGEST TRIALS OF THE CENTURY.

So in the weirdest version of pot meet kettle ever, Simpson has some opinions on who killed Baskin's husband.

Carole. He's blaming her.

He says in his video:

"There's not a shred of doubt in my mind that that lady's husband is tiger shashimi right now... I'm just saying."

Everyone is entitled to their opinions...personally I'm team Carole did it / it was a whole drug runner thing gone bad.....but OJ, come on man.

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