#FeelGood Pup Neighbor Helping Neighbor

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Amid all the anxiety, fear and heartbreaking stories we're hearing daily because of coronavirus, there are some bright spots that make you remember how this situation might just be changing all of us for the better. Families reconnecting, employers realizing how important their staffs are, neighbors helping neighbors, strangers helping strangers and more.

In Manitou Springs, Colorado, Karen Eveleth and Renee Hellman have lived next to each other for more than a decade. But it was this recent coronavirus situation that brought them even closer. Renee lives alone and has health issues, so she relies oxygen to breathe, this puts her at very high risk for getting sick from coronavirus. So when Renee needed to stock up on supplies, Karen decided to help out while still observing social distancing guidelines.

Karen's 7-year-old pup Sunny, a golden retriever, came to the rescue!

Karen sends Sunny over to Renee's house to 'retrieve' (see what I did there?) her grocery list. Sunny then brings it home. Karen runs to the store and gets what Renee needs, brings it home and disinfects it properly, packs it up into another bag, ties it up and gives it to Sunny to deliver to Renee's door. Sometimes Sunny has to make a few trips to get it all delivered, but he doesn't mind at all!

Renee told KKTV 11 News:

"Little things like Sunny coming over to visit is nice, and it makes you feel good."

Karen says at this difficult time, we really need each other, so everyone should try to do something to make someone else smile.

She's right, so if you've never gotten to know your neighbor, you should. We will get through this, but we all need to work together.

Stay safe everyone!

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