Divorce Rates in China Shoot Up After Leaving Coronavirus Quarantine

Love is a beautiful thing....though like anything, it seems too much of it is a bad thing.

In what may be a warning to those currently staying at home during the pandemic, numbers from China show that spending two months in quarantine wasn't a great thing for some couples.

Apparantly as soon as the lockdown was lifted in mid-March, people flooded government offices to file for divorce.

In a recent Bloomberg article, a woman named Ms. Wu was interviewed and while she cited the normal marital issues (money, child care, housework) she said there was one big breaking points.

One particular annoyance was her husband’s habit of engaging their two children in play in the evening when they were supposed to be going to bed. “He’s the troublemaker in the house,” she says. “I don’t want to endure anymore. We’ve agreed to get a divorce, and the next thing is to find lawyers.”

Check out more of the numbers HERE.

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