White House Task Force to Use New Statistical Models for Virus Forecast

During the daily White House briefing on Tuesday, the public is expected to get a closer look at the new statistical models being used to better forecast the coronavirus outbreak.

The forecast models are all based on epidemiology, which is the standard study of how diseases spread and how to control them.

Coronavirus task force adviser Dr. Deborah Birx and National Institute of Health's Dr. Anthony Fauchi have previously spoken of the models, but also noted that they have been working on refining their own model in order to provide the public with even more accurate numbers.


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During the briefing on Monday, President Trump said that the new forecast model would be revealed soon.

“We will meet again tomorrow for some statistics,” he told reporters.

Watch Tuesday's update from the White House below:

Birx claimed that the White House coronavirus task force has been looking at "about a dozen" different models, all designed by experts.

“And then we went back to the drawing board over the last week or two and worked from the ground up, utilizing actual reporting of cases," she explained.

The developer of one of those models, Dr. Christopher Murray of the University of Washington, said that until we have more information, it will just be "a long process" of social distancing for the public. "Nobody has a crystal ball," he added.

According to figures from Johns Hopkins University, the coronavirus has sickened about 800,000 people worldwide.

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