Meat Sales Are Surging, But Hold The Bacon?

If you have been one of the many Americans who are stuck at home and only venture out to the supermarket, you often run into long lines and empty shelves. Not only has there been a run on toilet paper, people have been hoarding produce, eggs, dairy, canned foods and meat to name a few items.

Information Resources Inc. reports:

"Meat sales were up by a whopping 91 percent during the week of March 22, when compared to the same week last year".

However, notably missing from a sales boost is Bacon. Yes that's right, that greasy pork, that you serve for breakfast or can wrap around a Twinkie is not feeling the pinch. People are shifting to ordering bacon out at fast food restaurants versus cooking it at home.

But if you are picking up a package of bacon next time you go out, we have some great news for you!

While egg prices are increasing, bacon prices are plummeting to levels not seen since the 90's.

For more information, please read here.

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