Brentwood Farmers Market is the Example of Not Properly Social Distancing

Photo: Getty Images

For the last three weeks Mayor Eric Garcetti alongside Governor Gavin Newsom has enforced tough "Safer At Home" guidelines.

Last week, beaches, trails, and parks were closed after not enough people were participating in social distancing.

Only essential businesses are allowed to stay open including farmer markets.

But a specific farmer market in Brentwood is getting flack on social media for not showing proper social distancing.

Pictures were posted on social media urging the Mayor to please close the market because of the amplitude of people who were showing up.

People were mixed together and not staying six feet apart.

Ironically Brentwood has some of the most known cases of COVID-19 in LA County. As of Sunday night, there were 42 known cases.

Garcetti has not announced if the Brentwood Farmers Market will be allowed to stay open next week.,

For more information, please read here.

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