Parents are Participating in Tik-Tok Challenges With Their Kids at Home


Photo: Getty Images

Are you stuck at home with the kids?

It's boring at times and is probably driving you crazy, but this could also be the perfect time to bond with them.

Right now Tik-Tok, the new social media app gaining traction is having users participate in these viral challenges.

Most of these challenges include a type of dance.

Well since kids are stuck at home, they are now asking their parents to participate and users LOVE it

Videos including parents are now going viral and kids have said it's a great bonding time with their parents.

So loosen up a little!

Make some Tik-Toks with your kids before they're out of the house again and with their friends.

You may be the next video that goes viral.

Enjoy some Tik-Toks with parents below.

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