From Devil To Angel, Just Like That!

Not the cat. The bags.

Remember when single-use bags were just an unremarkable part of life? Then environmental activists were able to turn the humble bag into a pariah. Bag were banned all over this country. It became the virtuous thing to bring your own reusable bags.

Then came coronavirus.

Suddenly, those reusable bags were the menace. Covered in germs, sliding across the conveyer belts of your local supermarket and contaminating everything in sight. Grocery workers don’t want to touch them. New rules erupted requiring you to bag your own damn groceries if you insisted on bring your own bags.

So, the Governor of Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has now completely flipped the script on bags. Reusable bags are prohibited and all previous single-use bags bans are eliminated.

The order also prevents stores from charging for bags during this time.

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